Welcome to a blog dedicated to The Raven Cycle, the wonderful series by Maggie Stiefvater!

She was interested in going out and finding her own.



I don’t think I have been doing my best to run this blog and I would love to give this blog to a very devoted and highly active group of 5 people at the most and 2 people at the least. I need bloggers who can work together well. For personal issues I can no longer run this blog and it would just crush my heart to give up on it without trying to find the right admins for it. The Aglionby Hunt Club deserves that at least. 

This fandom is amazing and beyond creative and I hope that I am making the right decision for it. If you wish to become an admin I will need you to answer 5 important questions by submitting it to this blog. I wish you all the best and nothing but good wishes and thoughts. 

*You do not need to know how to photoshop or write fanfiction, I just need to ask these questions so I know what you can contribute. If you can’t do any of the things I list, apply anyway! You don’t need to know everything, you just need to love TRB :)


1. What does The Raven Cycle mean to you on a personal level?

2. How do you plan to contribute to this blog and this fandom creatively?

3. Do you use photoshop or any other type of software to make gifs, graphics, or edits or do you write fanfiction? (I will need to see at least 3 paragraphs of fanfiction or 1 edit, gif, graphic, etc.)

4. How active are you on Tumblr (e.g. 2 hours a day? 5+ hours a day?) and can you install a theme and manage a blog efficiently?

5. What do you value in a blogger, What do you like about yourself as a blogger?

*Submit answers to fuckyeahtheravencycle. Good Luck my lovelies!


3 0 0   f o x   w a y   +   names ( jane added as per adel's request)

[ pt.1 : the boys ]



Fate is a very weighty word to throw around before breakfast.


“There’s a pool table now! I’m the worst at pool ever! It’s wonderful.”


And here’s the finished Ronan with Irish pipes ~